Friday, March 5, 2010

Sounds Like a Nightmare!

I found an interesting story on the Member Testimonials site...

"As you know, before I received my information from Kroll, (a credit card company)* sent new credit cards for an account I had requested be closed, to my old address. (The credit card company)* called me December 29th to ask if I had been using the card because someone had been having a very good time with it at Wal-Mart. Someone had also been writing checks on the account, I later found out. But... on to my Kroll story.

"I called PPL's Customer Care and was given a number for Kroll. I called and spoke to [consultant].* He was Super! We didn't open a file on my case because the person using my card had already been arrested. He was very surprised that someone was already in custody. He advised me of my responsibility to (the credit card company) - which is none. He gave me a number to call and place a fraud alert with each credit repository. And he told me if I had any trouble with (the credit card company)* to let him know and he would take care of it.

"Later I did receive a threatening letter from (the credit card company)* stating if I didn't complete and return the forms they had enclosed that they would reverse the charges. Well... I knew my rights thanks to Kroll and Pre-Paid Legal so I threatened them right back- with legal action. You know what... this account that had almost $4,000 in fraudulent charges- now has a zero balance.

"Thank you Kroll and Pre-Paid Legal."

A. Wood, OK

*Company policy type changes

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